The assortment can be divided into pellets and mixed feed for rabbits and rodents. The pellets contain all necessary nutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements to keep and to maintain your animal in a good condition. Mixed feed may always be given along with good quality hay, carrots, greens and grass. In all cases only first class raw materials are used . Food charts Breed Weight Quantity Large breeds >5 kg body weight 120-180 g/animal/day Medium breeds 3-5 kg body weight 100-160 g/animal/day Small breeds 1-3 kg body weight 50-100 g/animal/day Dwarf Varieties <1 kg body weight 30-50 g/animal/day Pregnant and nursing animals must have pellets at their disposal all day long (about 100 gr extra per nurse per day) Feeding advice If possible always feed at set times in the morning and in the evening. Always add a good quality hay . Fresh and clean water should always be available, preferably in a water bottle with nipple. Feed moderately under changing circumstances (shows, moving) to prevent intestine disorder. Offering a different type of food should always be done gradually. The largest quantity of food should be given late in the afternoon because rodents are more active at night.