Spormin© There are more risk factors for the development of Osteochondrosis in horses than heredity, injuries and activity. In literature nutrition is mentioned as well. In the last 3 to 4 months of gestation the foal absorbs 80% of all magnesium and 90% of calcium and phosphorus and almost 50% of copper, zinc and manganese. During that period copper is also absorbed in the liver. Magnesium is responsible for the absorption of calcium in the bones, zinc for the activation of the metabolism and manganese for the formation of cartilage. Some nutrients such as copper which is of essential importance for the foal, cannot be taken in via mother’s milk but only via the umbilical cord. Investigations learned that yearlings from foals that were born with copper stored in the liver have 50% less OCD and OC in knee and fetlock than foals without copper in the liver. Prevention of bone problems (OC/OCD) starts with the feed for your pregnant mare. The foal can solve bone/lesion problems developed during the first year of its life. For this purpose HippoStar has specially developed Spormin© a complex of copper, zinc and manganese in an optimal ratio for an uninterrupted development of the foal’s joints, cartilage, tendons and skeleton. Copper as well as zinc are organically attached to other molecules to improve the availability of minerals as chelates. That means that the minerals are bonded to “small proteins”. The process of chelating improves the absorption of the mineral from the digestive tract. To make sure that the mare’s copper intake is sufficient 69 mg copper has been added to the Mare-Foal pellet. Spormin© is good for undisturbed bone growth, an optimal strong skeleton, support of tendons and ligaments and a healthy locomotive apparatus. Advice. HippoStar recommends to feed the mare with mare-foal pellets in the last three months of the gestation and during the lactation. For foals we recommend to feed Foal rearing pellets from the 3rd till the 12th months and Mare-Foal pellet till the age of 2 years. Thereafter you can feed one of the other HippoStar products such as Horse Quick, Sport, Performance, Vipagrain, Reform grain muesli, Reform herbal muesli without oats or Muesli Classic. Along with HippoStar products always feed a good quality roughage.