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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

King British Methylene Blue - Fish Health Products (Size: 100 ml)

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King British Methylene Blue - Fish Health Products (Size: 100 ml)
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Methylene Blue is one of the best known active ingredients in fish treatments, traditionally used to treat slime disease, flukes, white spot & velvet & fungus on fish eggs; ; Methylene Blue can also be used as a substitute oxygen source; ; Used undiluted, Methylene Blue can be applied as an antiseptic directly onto wounds & damaged areas using a cotton bud as a swab; For use in Tropical & Coldwater Aquariums ; ; When To use Methylene Blue; Fish rub or flick themselves against objects; ; Fish show rapid gill movement & gasping at water surface; ; Fins clamp up & fish appear to be hanging at water surface; ; Cotton wool like growths visible on fish eggs; ; Fish are lying on tank bottom; ; As an antiseptic on to wounds

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