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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

King British Green Water Control - Fish Health Products (Size: 100 ml)

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King British Green Water Control - Fish Health Products (Size: 100 ml)
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King British Green Water Control clears green water ; ; Green Water is the result of a bloom of free floating algae cells which survive & multiply through excess light conditions & surplus nutrients in the tank; ; Green Water Control binds the suspended algae cells together, sinking them to the bottom of the tank. It is important to remove the dead algae as soon as possible to prevent oxygen depletion in the aquarium which could stimulate renewed algae growth; ; For use in Tropical & Coldwater Aquariums ; When To use Green Water Control; If tank water appears green; ; To avoid green water returning, an assessment of light exposure should be made:Is the tank too close to a window or exposed to too much light?; Is the lighting over the tank too powerful or being left on too long?; 8-10 hours per day of artificial light is the usual recommendation

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