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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Hippostar Sport Muesli - FREE DELIVERY

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Hippostar Sport Muesli - FREE DELIVERY
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Price: £15.00
Delivery: Courier

Hippostar natural sport muesli. To this highly palatable concentrate of cleaned and extruded grains with a vitamin pellet a high quality herb mix has been added. This herb mix contains an extract of a wide variety of plants, roots and herbs such as fenugreek, basil, stinging nettle, horseradish and mint as well as quite a variety of vitamins, trace elements and trace elements.
The herbal mixture can be fed to improve the general condition of your horse, providing the animals with a better resistance against illnesses in a natural way and decreasing the stress sensitivity. It has a positive influence on the respiratory system, it gives your horse a healthy glow, it and improves the vitality and fertility. Lucerne chaff and spelt see to an excellent digestion. Yeast has been added to HippoStar Reform grain muesli.

For a beneficial influence on the bronchial tubes
By adding a carefully composed herb mix.

With extra vitamin E
For a quicker recovery after exertion

High energy
Easy digestible with a high energy value


In stock at E & E Corn Supplies for immediate order.